Monday, February 2, 2009

Dianne Reeves in Manila, March 2

Four-time Grammy winner for best jazz vocal performance Dianne Reeves is set to perform live for Filipino music enthusiasts at the Rockwell Tent on Monday, March 2, 2009. The news has been confirmed by organizers of the Philippine International Jazz Festival (PIJF), which stages the annual event to promote jazz in all its forms to local audiences. The PIJF is on its 4th run this year.

Filipinos came to know Reeves best through her recording of BETTER DAYS in her 1987 self-titled album. The song remained in the playlist of many local radio stations, prompting every belter-wannabe to mimic the artist's indelible style in amateur singing stints. In truth, Reeves's career started much earlier, originally recording BETTER DAYS in her WELCOME TO MY LOVE album 1 full decade earlier (in my opinion, this was a better version), and before that, touring with Brazilian keyboardist, Sergio Mendes.

Lately, she has been prolific in recording music, winning Grammys for four of her albums since 2001, and earning the distinction of being the only singer to have won best jazz vocal performance in three consecutive recordings.

For a complete listing of the acts performing in the 4th Philippine International Jazz Festival, visit:

Meanwhile, do watch out for details on the upcoming shows in Manila of such artists as John Legend, Craig David, and Natalie Cole--all in March 2009.

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