Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Musical Artists Born on October 15

In honor of a friend celebrating her birthday today, I'm listing below the names of some musical artists who share the same zodiac sign with her. Whether or not my friend chooses to find some similarity with these guys is all up to her though. Here goes:

Brother of Michael, Janet, and La Toya, he helped propagate the Motown sound as one of THE JACKSON 5. Referred to as the quiet Jackson, he hid his musical talent as a kid, playing his father's guitar when dad wasn't around. It was only when one of the guitar's strings broke that Tito's secret was discovered.

Half of THE CARPENTERS, he learned to play the piano when sister Karen was playing baseball. His most famous composition, TOP OF THE WORLD. On Valentine's Day this year, he met with President Arroyo who sang with him the Carpenters' hit, I HAVE YOU. He also collaborated on a recording with Claire dela Fuente, a.k.a. Karen Carpenter of the Philippines.

This Irish rocker is credited for the 1986 ballad hit, LADY IN RED and the more obscure DON'T PAY THE FERRYMAN. He had an affair with his children's nanny when wife Diane was in the hospital, and his daughter Rosanna (for whom LADY IN RED was written) was crowned Miss World in 2003 (Philippine rep Maria Rafaela Yunon was in the top 5).

This former UPS man and now R&B singer made waves with his renditions of GEORGY PORGY and SPEND MY LIFE WITH YOU. Unfortunately, he did not get to spend his life with ex-wife Halle Berry who had caught him cheating during their brief marriage. Making his film debut in Mariah Carey's GLITTER in 2001, Benet has just released LOVE AND LIFE CD this year to favorable reviews.

A member of the Bukas Palad Music Ministry, hers is the voice behind some BP favorites like EMPTY SPACE, BREATH OF GOD, and the re-recorded version of PASTORALE, among others. Laine was personally handpicked by Jose Mari Chan to guest in his albums and to interpret classics MAYBE THIS YEAR and more recently APRIL FOOLS (Coincidentally, Chan also recorded EMPTY SPACE for the Jesuit Music Ministry).  Oh, and she has sung the jingles of such brands as ABOITIZ EXPRESS, SHANGRI-LA HOTEL, GENERALI PILIPINAS and for the government's OPLAN PAGLALANSAG. Happy birthday, Laine!

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jajambo said...

Ganda naman ng trivia! :) Happy birthday Laine!