Monday, September 15, 2008

Whatever happened to Angela Bofill?

In second year high school, to perk me up every morning as I'd wake up for school, I used to play her ANGEL OF THE NIGHT in full blast, much to the chagrin of my parents who would quietly have their breakfast meters away from my bedroom.  I guess it was her vibrant brand of jazz and R&B, her uniquely rich and dark tone, and her animated vocal stylings that attracted me and many Filipinos to her music.  No wonder her songs are a favorite in many videoke halls here.

It came as a surprise to me when I found out that Angela Bofill had suffered a stroke in early 2006 and then again in July 2007, leaving her partially paralyzed and critically ill at one point.  Today, her speech and mobility have improved, but because she did not have insurance at the time that she had needed it most, her friends have been encouraging fans through her website to purchase Angie's merchandise, proceeds of which would be used to help support her recovery.  Incidentally, the nurse who has been attending to Angie is Filipina.

Angie frequented Manila, her last appearance being in September 2004, when she was invited to perform in a concert at Merk's in Greenbelt for the bistro's 2nd anniversary.  Recently, the live recording of that show was released under Angie's label, Black Angel productions.  It features Filipino artists Lorrie Ilustre as musical director, Miong Pacana on bass, Cesar Aguas on guitar, Mike Alba on drums, Bond Samson on keyboards, and vocalists Babsie and Kitchie Molina, and Sylvia Macaraeg.  The album, which may be purchased online, is also being sold to help in the artist's full recovery.

Maybe Filipinos no longer remember that Angie recorded a duet with Basil Valdez for the latter's NGAYON LP.  Or that she played a cameo in Sharon Cuneta's 1983 flick, FRIENDS IN LOVE.  Her affair with the Philippines has been long and sweet. And in gratitude we will forever be singing YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW, and THIS TIME I'LL BE SWEETER.

Here's her performance in that VIVA movie I just spoke about:


lenskie said...

I saw this film and really loved her song... thanks for the blog!

Jerome Tolentino said...

I will never forget Angela, I love her songs and I am listening to them until now. Thanks for the blog.